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An Oakland Original

The Hive

Live, work, eat and connect at the Hive, a gathering place for Oakland. Situated in one of the city's great urban pockets, the Uptown District, the Hive is in the center of a neighborhood beloved by locals. Specialty restaurants, co-working space, and a holistic fitness center are just a few of the offerings to enjoy at the Hive, while nearby there are plenty of cafes, galleries and historic landmarks.

The Hive is as much a state of mind as it is a place on a map – here crafters, entrepreneurs and urban dwellers create and interact in a variety of settings that invite inspiration.

Eat. Drink. Come Together.
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Upcoming Events

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The Spaces

Modern, Historic, Industrial

The Hive blends new and old to handcraft a style of its own. The brick and timber buildings have a timeless appeal while modern updates and fully sustainable building practices bring the style into aesthetic and ecological balance.

Comprised of seven retail storefronts, eight multi-use office spaces, 8 converted lofts and 96 new walk-up apartments, this mixed-use development is a platform for enhancing local culture and strengthening the community.

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